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rosanna orienti architetto interior design studio Ro|a Porto Sant'Elpidio Fermo

RO | a_Rosanna Orienti | architect


He graduated with honors in 1995 at the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara and began collaboration in teaching and research activities in architectural design, within the same university.

In 2001 he is Ph.D.  obtains the title of PhD in Architectural Composition and in the three years of carrying out the  academic career, participates in seminars, conferences and workshops also abroad, in particular in Waterloo in Canada and Montevideo in Uruguay,  following and curating publications in specific journals dealing with architectural research.

Take part in national and international design competitions  some of which won and others by obtaining mentions.

Since 1998 he has carried out his professional activity dealing with architecture by exploring the different scales, from landscape planning

to interior design.

Concentrates his professional training by deepening the issues concerning the  energy_environmental requalification and urban regeneration.

It acquires over the years  a specific experience, in particular creating prestigious interiors, residential buildings and renovations of all kinds

taking care of the details from the design to the perfect execution and completion of all the working phases.

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